About US-China-RIB.org

This site was launched to report on explorations of collaborative research projects between the US and China in nuclear experiments and theory, especially research in the science with rare isotope beams (RIBs). A Task Force was recently formed to capitalize on the momentum built during the very successful "FRIB-China Workshop on Physics of Nuclei and Hadrons" held in May 2015 at Michigan State University.

At this Workshop, many exciting possible collaborations were explored in the areas of nuclear structure and reactions, nuclear astrophysics, fundamental interactions, nuclear theory, facilities, equation of state, isotopes, and education. There were also extended discussions on possible frameworks for enhancing collaborations between researchers in the U.S. and China, as well as discussions on what aspects of these collaborations (such as exchanges of manpower, equipment, ideas ...) were most desired by researchers in the different nuclear science subfields.

A number of common themes emerged from the parallel Working Groups at the Workshop, and these were collected into a set of Resolutions. Please see the full workshop report for more information on the exciting science that we hope to pursue. The Task Force will soon recommend a path forward to best realize these Resolutions -- and the results will be posted on this site.

Please visit the links above to learn more about the Working Groups, Resolutions, full workshop report, the Task Force and its deliberations, and much more.

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