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This site will report on explorations of collaborative research projects between the US and China in nuclear experiments and theory, especially research in the science with rare isotope beams (RIBs).

In the U.S., a focus of this research will be at FRIB, currently under construction at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. FRIB is the next-generation low-energy nuclear science facility in the U.S. that will produce beams of intense unstable nuclei needed to improve our understanding of the structure of, and reactions between, atomic nuclei. FRIB beams will be used in experiments that address puzzles in the cosmic creation of the elements, that help us build better models of how nuclei are held together, and that help us explore the structure of nuclei with the most exotic ratio of constitutent protons and neutrons. This knowledge has wide applications in nuclear medicine, homeland security, galactic chemical evolution, nuclear energy, and a variety of other important fields.

China also has significant research activity in the physics of unstable nuclei. The planned HIAF extension of the HIRFL facility at the Institute of Modern Physics in Lanzhou, and the BRIF and BRIF II projects at the Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy in Beijing, will add exciting new capabilities to radioactive beam research in China.

Furthermore, both countries have intense interest in studies of the quark nature of hadrons. With new theoretical initiatives to link our unstanding of hadronic structure with nuclear structure, this is another area where collaborations between the U.S. and China may be particularly fruitful.

Following up on the very successful "FRIB-China Workshop on Physics of Nuclei and Hadrons", an US-China Task Force was formed to assess a path forward towards realizing the many possible collaborative efforts described at the Workshop. A workshop report gives details on the exciting science we hope to carry out.

The US-China Task Force is announcing a Second US-China Workshop on Physics of Nuclei and Hadrons" to be held on Oct. 15-21, 2017, in Beijing, China. Please see our Gatherings page for more information on this upcoming meeting.

Please visit the links above to learn about the science areas we are exploring, the Task Force members, future meetings, our Working Groups, and much more.

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  UPDATE 10/2017: PROGRAM and INFO on October 2017 Meeting in Beijing -- see Breaking News